Alexander Tsaplev

38Booking.comCollaborating in front-end development of, React.js, TypeScriptУчастие в команде2022
37Luna FinanceBrand media for a FinTech productPHP, WordPressТехническая разработка2022
36[Under NDA]Analysing and reverse engineering of Mazdas’ OBD-II interfaceReverse EngineeringКонсультация2021
35SkyengPlatform for an online contest with the ability to upload and rate competitive worksPHP, WordPressТехническая разработка2021
34N/AApp for creating travel itinerariesJavaScript, React.js, TypeScriptТехническая разработка2021
33VK PayCollaborating in front-end development of a banking applicationJavaScript, React.js, TypeScript, VK API, VKUIУчастие в команде2021
32N/AApp for tracking available seats on a flightData, Reverse Engineering, Telegram APIТехническая разработка2020
31N/AApp for journaling travelsGoogle Maps, JavaScript, Node.js, WebpackТехническая разработка2020
30Zebra Design BureauTool for a layout creating automation in Adobe appsAdobe, ExtendScript, JavaScriptТехническая разработка2020
29N/AAPI for delivery serviceLaravel, PHPТехническая разработка2019
28[Under NDA]Tool for scraping data from a real estate websiteData, Laravel, PHP, Reverse EngineeringТехническая разработка2019
27N/APrototype of an app for books booking in a libraryReact Native, Reverse EngineeringТехническая разработка2019
26N/ANotification tool of appointment availability on a government’s websiteNode.js, Reverse EngineeringТехническая разработка2019
25[Under NDA]Optimisation of a web app to run on Airbus IFEDockerКонсультация2019
24MosgortransPublic transport API optimisationReverse EngineeringКонсультация2019
23[Under NDA]Landing page for an EdTech companyWordPressТехническая разработка2019
22SkyengPlatform for an online contest with the ability to upload and rate competitive worksFigma, PHP, WordPress, jQueryТехническая разработка2019
21[Under NDA]Reverse engineering of a banking app’s APIReverse EngineeringКонсультация2019
20SkyengWordPress plugin for quizzesJavaScript, WordPress, jQueryТехническая разработка2019
19BUSINESS TIMESData migration from Drupal to WordPressData, SQLКонсультация2018
18SvyaznoyParticipation in the development of a hotel booking systemData, PHP, RabbitMQУчастие в команде2018
17SvyaznoyOnline service for booking railway ticketsPHP, React.jsТехническая разработка2018
16[Under NDA]Internal system for scraping data from social media and further PDF reports generationData, Facebook API, Instagram API, Node.js, React.js, Twitter Bootstrap, VK APIТехническая разработка2018
15MagforestMobile app for an online magazine newsstand distribution platformJavaScript, React NativeТехническая разработка2017
14MagforestAPI for an online magazine newsstand distribution platformJavaScript, PHP, SQL, WordPressТехническая разработка2017
13Madcrush LabsParticipation in the technical development of a cryptocurrency platformAngularJS, Laravel, PHP, TypeScriptУчастие в команде2017
12[Under NDA]Real-time tweets aggregatorReact.js, Twitter APIТехническая разработка2017
11TimebookParticipation in the technical development of a platform for managing employees' working scheduleAngularJS, Node.js, PHP, Yii2Участие в команде2017
10N/ASocial media marketing automation toolPHP, VK APIТехническая разработка2017
09MakomaniaeCommerce websiteWordPressКонсультация2017
08[Under NDA]Analysing & documenting a private APIReverse EngineeringКонсультация2017
07Site NNParticipation in the technical development of websitesPHP, jQueryУчастие в команде2016
06[Under NDA]Internal system for managing a warehousePHP, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, SQLТехническая разработка2016
05N/AMarketplace prototypeMicrosoft Azure, PHP, Yii2Техническая разработка2016
04[Under NDA]Tool for scraping profiles data from social mediaData, PHP, Twitter Bootstrap, VK API, jQueryТехническая разработка2016
03N/ATool for scraping newsfeed data from social mediaData, Facebook API, Instagram API, PHP, VK API, Yii2Техническая разработка2016
02YOLOBusiness website for a restaurantWordPressТехническая разработка2016
01LaLunaBusiness website for a group of restaurantsWordPressТехническая разработка2015